Business English Communication Skill


Business English communication skills are critical for effective professional communication in the global business environment. It ensures employees have the information they need to perform well.  It builds a positive work environment and eliminates inefficiencies within an organization. Improving business English communication skills is an ongoing process that involves practice, feedback, and continuous learning. These skills are crucial for building a professional image, fostering successful collaborations, and advancing one’s career in the business world.This program is targeted at participants who need to enhance their proficiency in the English language.  It will ultimately enable them to communicate effectively and confidently within the workplace and with the public.


  • Junior Management Staff
  • Clerical Staff


  • Group discussions & presentations 40%
  • Individual, pair or group activities 30%
  • Role Plays 30%


  • Improve participants’ fluency in English.
  • Build confidence in communicating with internal and external customers.
  • Learn the writing process in a business environment.


  • Using English appropriately at work:
  1. Asking for and giving information
  2. Leaving and taking messages
  3. Giving directions
  4. Asking appropriate questions
  5. Asking and giving opinions
  6. Making and declining requests politely
  7. Explaining plans and arrangements
  • Using correct grammar – Tenses & Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Learning how to enunciate clearly
  • Using the correct business terminologies
  • Using the correct business correspondence
  • Understand cross cultural communication
  • Writing email/formal letters/circulars/memos
  • Improve active listening skills
  • Develop an action plan and post assessment