Change Management Essentials


A dynamic organization is constantly experiencing change. Change is necessary to increase the ‘business value’ of the organization and to keep the organization ‘future proof’.

Projects are the vehicles of change within the organization. Any change needs to be implemented through the execution of a project, and typically, every project entails a significant amount of change. That is why change management and project management are closely related.

Change needs to be closely managed and therefore good Change Management practices in Projects are crucial for a successful organization.

It is an ideal training for all those who are currently involved in projects that include change or who will be in the future. It demonstrates the critical knowledge, skills and provides the tools, techniques and templates that apply.  


This course is tailored for all those who are and/or will be directly or indirectly involved in change initiatives and who have not attended formal Change Management training. Examples are but not limited to:

  • Senior Managers, Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders, HR Specialists, Business Analysts, Members of the Transformation department, etc.


  • Comprehend why and when change is necessary
  • Learn about the fundamental characteristics of change in projects
  • Understand the success factors for implementation of change
  • Learn the importance of Change Management methodologies
  • Learn about Stakeholders and their roles in change management
  • Understand the role of project governance in relation to change
  • Learn how to bring about change and to overcome change inertia and/or resistance
  • Learn about tools and techniques used in change management
  • Learn the importance of controlling the change management processes
  • Understand what skills are required to manage and support change


  • What is Change Management?
  • Comprehending the challenges in change management
  • Why do so many change management initiatives fail?
  • The do’s and don’ts of change management
  • Why is Change Management crucial on projects?
  • The 8-step approach to Change Management
  • Five Elements of Change
  • The Role of the Change Agent in a project environment
    • The 7 roles of the change agent
  • Organisational Alignment
    • The 7S Framework
    • The keys to success or failure
  • Stakeholder Engagement in a project
  • What and who are Stakeholders?
  • Stakeholder analysis, prioritization, strategizing, management
  • Stakeholders and Communication
  • Workforce Transition
  • The Workforce transition plan
  • From plan to reality
  •  Knowledge Transfer in a project environment
  •  Continuity and sustainability
  • Difference between continuity and sustainability
  • The Long Term Challenge