Effective Communication Skills

Course Overview

Effective communication skills are a fundamental necessity for every employee and manager, forming a crucial component of their standard skill set. Good communication in the workplace ensures employees have the knowledge they need to perform well , build a positive work environment and eliminate any inefficiencies. This course provides hands-on experience in both initiating and responding to diverse forms of communication. Participants will acquire the ability to navigate situations with a flexible, genuine, and self-assured approach. Additionally, the course focuses on developing collaboration skills, allowing individuals to refine their communication toolkit for more impactful interactions.


  • Executives
  • Senior Executives
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • HR Management


  • Presentations and Lectures 30%
  • Group Discussions 30%
  • Group Exercises 40%


  • Gain greater understanding of the importance of communication.
  • Understand the different forms of communication.
  • Ability to deal with Negative communications


  • The importance of Effective Communication
  • Pre Assessment and post assessment (Kirkpatrick Level 2)
  • Sharpening your communication skills to improve clarity and conciseness
  • Choosing the best medium for your message: meetings, conversations, e-mail, phone, print
  • Listening more effectively by employing proven techniques
  • Read the “emotional content” accompanying messages
  • Managing Meetings effectively
  • Dealing with Negative Communication
  • Building greater relationship skills that emphasize trust and respect
  • Asking more powerful questions
  • Giving more effective Feedback
  • Developing and maintaining open channels of communication