ESG Reporting Foundation Programme


This two-day programme focuses on providing an in-depth understanding on the Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Requirements and on Sustainability Reporting in general. Sustainability Reporting and ESG Performance are growing areas of concern for many stakeholders of the organization. Also there is much confusion what Sustainability means and what ESG means and how they are related to each other.

The objective of this two-day programme is to provide knowledge and guidance to the staff that is involved in coordinating and implementing sustainability programmes in the organization as well as being responsible for developing Sustainability Reports in compliance with Bursa Malaysia Requirements. The course will go through the meaning and definition of Sustainability and ESG and will look at a step-by-step approach to implement Sustainability/ESG into the organization and create a good performance.


This program is designed for people who are involved in or responsible for the ESG Implementation/Sustainability Reporting efforts of the organisation, either in a managerial role or as part of the reporting team.



Technical:      10

Leadership:      2

Strategic:         2

TOTAL PDU:    14


  • To gain knowledge about the fundamentals and elements of Sustainability and ESG
  • Understanding of the latest Bursa Sustainability Reporting Requirements
  • Understand the Importance of Stakeholders in ESG and Sustainability
  • Understand General Governance and ESG/Sustainability Governance
  • Understanding Materiality in Sustainability Reporting and ESG
  • Learn to develop Measurement Indicators, Baselines and Targets to manage Sustainability/ESG Performance
  • Understand the various ISO standards that are related to ESG
  • Understand Carbon Footprint and alignment with the TCFD guidelines
  • Understand internal Auditing and External Assurance
  • Understand the new time table for the implementation of the new requirements
  • Understand Greenwashing and Social washing


  • Sustainability
    • What is Sustainability and ESG?
  • BURSA Requirements
    • What are the latest Bursa compliance requirements?
  • Governance
    • What is Governance and Sustainability Governance?
    • How to develop and report the Governance Structure
  • Stakeholders
    • What are Stakeholders and how to engage and prioritize them?
  • Materiality
    • What are the Sustainability Issues that are applicable to the organization?
    • What is Materiality and how to define Material Issues and develop the Materiality Matrix?
    • The common prescribed material matters
  • Emissions
    • Carbon Footprint
    • Net Zero Emissions
    • GHG Emissions (Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3)
    • TCFD Guidelines
  • How to Develop Goals, Baselines and Indicators
  • International Standards
    • ISO Standards
    • IFRS
    • GRI
    • ESRS
  • Auditing
    • Internal Auditing
    • External Assurance
  • Greenwashing and Social Washing