Finance For Non-Finance Personnel


In today’s world, for a business manager not to have a basic working knowledge of finance is functionally illiterate.

Every business activity has ramifications that affect the financial stability of the organization. As managers, the decisions you make need to be rooted in a comprehensive understanding of how finance works. No, you don’t need a degree, but you do need to know when you’re accountable.

Whether you’re a start-up overseeing policies that temporarily accommodate negative cash flow until you break even, or a well-established company where you need to provide a rundown of KPIs based on financial data to ensure shareholder confidence, a working knowledge of finance is a key advantage in managing business growth and expansion. Not to mention being especially useful in a crisis when a company’s financial vital signs are in urgent need of clear and concise analysis before deciding on the most optimum course of action forward.

This two-day program will equip your core management skills with a keen sense of financial acumen to give a critical advantage in the overall administration of your organization.                                              


All savvy managers and executives in functions like:

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Production & Engineering
  3. Human Resources & Finance and Accounting
  4. Purchasing & Procurement
  5. R&D / Production Development
  6. Anyone who is determined to be successful in his/her career.


This workshop’s methodology is a combination of expert input, interactive practical exercises, self-assessment, lots of hands-on role-play, group discussions, exercise worksheets, practical projects, presentations & creative music


By the end of the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • INCREASE your financial literacy & financial vocabulary for business and work
  • OBTAIN a competitive edge by understanding the basics principles of accounting and fundamentals of finance and accounting
  • EXPOSE yourself to budgetary planning and variance analysis so that you think like an accountant too
  • MANAGE cost and increase efficiency of your projects/ departments/ divisions / company or organisation.
  • ACQUIRE the skills to detect early warning signs of possible projects or business failure so that you can make wiser decisions
  • GRASP and UNDERSTAND useful Financial Tools and techniques required for effective decision making.
  • STRESS on the importance of business units in achieving corporate business objective
  • If you’re in a role and are in some ways involved in Financial Decisions – You must attend this two-day Finance for Non-Finance Personnel’s hands on program.


Module 1: Speaking Accounting

Module 2: Accounting Framework

Module 3: Types of Accounts

Module 4: Reading Financials

Module 5: Building Budget

Module 6: Comparing Budget Approaches

Module 7: Budgeting as a Planning and Control Tool

Module 8: Costing Decision

Module 9: Investment Appraisal