Fundamentals of Cyber Security


In the current environment, Digitalization, IR 4.0 and IOT create special challenges with regards to cybersecurity. With many people still working online and at home, data protection and excellent IT security is an absolute must. This 2-days program will address the practical challenges for IT practitioners in the area of cybersecurity. It will use practical examples of security breaches and challenges to indicate how to improve on the security of your IT infrastructure and Data.

This interactive workshop focuses on the practical aspects of cybersecurity and gives the participants the skills and knowledge to improve the cybersecurity in the organization.


IT professionals that need to know more about the practical implementation of Cybersecurity measures


  • Understanding the current cybersecurity landscape
  • Understand where threats come from
  • Understand the most common threats
  • Understand how to mitigate and counteract cybersecurity threats


  • The various cybersecurity threats that exist today
  • The top 10 of cybersecurity threats
  • External threats versus internal threats
  • Eliminating threats
  • Mitigating Threats
  • Computer security and access control
    • Prevention;
    • Physical security;
    • Computer operating systems;
    • Access control principles;
    • Remote maintenance.
  • Computer security architecture
    • Putting the right infrastructure in place
    • Putting the right procedures in place
  • Authentication and cryptography
  • Network security
  • Intrusion detection and information recovery
  • Network management practice