Fundamentals of Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0)


As the world evolves, Industry 4.0 knowledge has become an indispensable skill for working professionals. Eventually all industries will be impacted by its far-reaching technological advances. It is highly important that both your IT and Non–IT staff in the Production floor are aware of its implications and also benefits.



  • Candidates aspiring to be Consultants for IR 4.0 implementation
  • Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, General Managers
  • Plant Heads, Factory Heads, Operations Heads, Line Managers
  • Employees of organizations, which are planning to shift to Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Smart Factories and Factories of Future Mid-level and Senior-level Executives
  • Research and Development Heads and Industrial Engineering Heads
  • Professionals across the entire hierarchy of the organization, who want to fast track their career and be a part of the change management



The program aims to help participants envision and lead strategic and technical elements of Industry 4.0-based organizational transformations. The course will:

  • Comprehend Industry 4.0 and the ecosystem of stakeholders involved.
  • Identify roadmaps for the real-world application of Industry 4.0 across a range of organizations, and its business and technological impacts.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges associated with Industry 4.0
  • Present user cases of successful Industry 4.0 implementations



  • Introduction to IR 4.0
    1. What is IR 4.0?
    2. History of IR 4.0
  • Business and IR 4.0
    1. Business Benefits
    2. Challenges of IR 4.0
  • Enabling Industry 4.0
    1. 8 Pillars of Enablement
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    1. Smart devices
    2. Smart Logistics
  • Data
    1. Role of data, information, knowledge and collaboration in future organizations
    2. Resource-based view of a firm
    3. Data as a new resource for organizations
    4. Harnessing and sharing knowledge in organizations
    5. Cloud Computing Basics
    6. Cloud Computing and Industry 4.0
  • Other Applications and Case Studies
    1. Industry 4.0 laboratories
    2. Case studies
    3. Future of Various Industries
    4. Application of Autonomous Robotics, Data Science, AI and Machine Learning in Production
  • Business issues in Industry 4.0
    1. Opportunities and Challenges
    2. Future of Works and Skills for Workers in the Industry 4.0 Era
    3. Strategies for competing in an Industry 4.0 world