Introduction to Big Data


Data-mining or data analysis has always been regarded as a tough and testing task. This perspective is not totally ‘wrong’ for generally teaching and learning topics (related to the whole science and spectrum of data collection-data management-data analysis-interpretation & evidence-based report writing) has always been “dry” without real-time associations.

The whole teaching-learning experience is going to be different due to the collective assessments collated in the past, an effective method of teaching data-mining with an enriching experience is formed. It is a comprehensive instructional design with 20% theoretical principles, 80% real-time application.  The goal is to transform data into information & information into constructive insights”.

It’s all about getting REAL & humanizing our approach in a 3D fashion; DEAL (with variations, issues & limitation),

DESIGN (friendly applications based on science not on convenience) & DRIVE (solution-based performance)


Managers, Executives and Supervisors, Administrators who need to acquire the essential foundations for effective data and its management and those who wish to develop the all-round skills to be become more in day to day problem solving and project management.



Lecture, reference handouts, practical exercise




  • The Basics Of Data
  • The Importance Of Data In An Organization
  • Essential Of Data Management
  • Understanding Input + Output + Outcome
  • Data-Mining / Data Analysis
  • Data Processing Tools
  • Types Of Statistics – Descriptive And Inferential
  • Important Definitions Of Statistics


  • Design Correct Tools
  • Statistics For Process Understanding
  • Control And Improvement


  • Preparing Your Presentation To Management – Role Play
  • Presenting Your Arguments, Findings
  • Using Fact Based Methodology
  • Report Templates
  • Closing Remarks : Data Integrity & Business Bottom-Line