Introduction to Change Management


A dynamic organization is constantly experiencing change. Without change there is no progress and the organization will either stand still or slide back. Change is necessary to increase the ‘business value’ of the organization and to keep the organization ‘future proof’.

Projects are the vehicles of change within the organization. Any change needs to be effected through the implementation of a project and normally every project comes with a significant amount of change. That is why change management and project management are closely related.

Change needs to be closely managed and therefore good Change Management practices in Projects are crucial for a successful organization. This training module provides an introduction to some of the processes and practices that are part of change management projects. It is an ideal training for all those who need to understand the nature of change management in an organization.

This training program will give participants a basic understanding of the principles of change management and the challenges that change management practitioners need to deal with.


This program is meant for all people who need to have a basic understanding of what change management is. Examples are, but not limited to:

  • Senior Managers, Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders, HR Practitioners, Business Analysts, etc


  • Comprehend why and when change is necessary
  • Learn about the fundamental characteristics of change in projects
  • Understand the success factors for implementation of change
  • Learn the importance of Change Management methodologies
  • Learn about Stakeholders and their roles in change management


  • Origin of Change in the organization
  • Why so many change management projects fail
  • Critical success factors
  • Fundamentals of a change management project
  • Change Management Methodologies and Best Practices
  • The Life Cycle of Change
  • How to make Change permanent?
  • How to determine the business benefits of change