Managing Performance Issue at Workplace


Managing staff performance cycle is a formal process used by supervisors to help employees improve performance or modify behaviour. Addressing performance problems in a timely and constructive manner is crucial for maintaining a healthy work environment and ensuring that organizational goals are met.  The PROCESS identifies performance and/or behavioural issues (harassment, bullying and victimisation) that need to be corrected and creates a written plan of action to guide the improvement and/or corrective action. Fundamentally, this programme is a structured communication tool designed to identify the performance gap, create performance action plan, and facilitate constructive discussion between the employee and the supervisor.       


Highly interactive programme which engages mind stimulating case studies which are relevant to academic institution, group discussions, role-play and practical sessions.  Contents of the training will be customized to fit the organization’s working environment, policies and current issues. Participants will be assessed with a PRE-TEST & POST-TEST.                                    


HOD’s, Supervisor, Senior Management


The programme will enable participants to:

·         Lead and drive a positive dynamic performance among subordinates.

·         Specifically identify the performance to be improved or the behavior to be corrected.

·         Provide clear expectations and metrics about the work to be performed or behaviour that must change.

·         Identify the support and resources available to help the employee make the required improvements.

·         Establish a plan for reviewing the employee’s progress and providing feedback.

·         Specify possible consequences if performance standards as identified are not met.

·         Prepare review and checklist.

·         To do goal settings – focusing on achievements.


  • Performance Cycle
    • Identifying performance issues
    • GAP Analysis
    • Cause & Effect Ishikawa Diagram
  • Develop An Action Plan

o   Establish an action plan for improvement

o   Specific and measurable objectives-SMART

o   Developing Competency Metrics

o   Coaching based on the plan

  • Review performance plan
    • Review on plan
    • 3rd party Review
    • Justification of Time Frame
  • Performance Review Technique

o   Enhancing EQ skills

o   Choosing right words and right situation

o   Listening skills

o   Two-way communication

o   Giving Constructive feedback

o   Tactics to handle behavioral problems & improvements

  • Termination and Legal Aspects

o   Reasons for termination

o   What the Employment Act says

o   Documentation

o   Legal aspects