Mastering Royal Etiquette


Embarking on a journey far beyond common courtesy and social norms, training course introduces hospital staff to the art of managing interactions with royalty. Beyond the ordinary, protocol becomes the compass guiding us through royal encounters, ensuring a seamless and dignified experience. In the esteemed company of royalty, familiarity with the court’s language or “royal vocabulary,” is a common practice.    

This one-day course encompasses the nuances of social etiquette, protocol intricacies, the art of body language, and the mastery of the court’s language. It ensures participants are adept in every facet of interaction with royalty. This is a hands-on and enlightening session where refined excellence meets the regal realm, preparing you to navigate the intricacies of engaging with royalty with utmost poise and sophistication.                                       


  1. Elevated Social Etiquette (includes properintroductions, gestures, and conversationalstyles that exude grace and respect)
  2. Mastery of Royal Protocol
  3. Fluency in “Royal Vocabulary”
  4. Body Language Finesse (from posture togestures)
  5. Confidence in Diverse Interactions


  • About Royal Protocols
    1. Understanding the history and the different protocol according to States
  • Mastery of Royal Protocol
  1. comprehensive understanding of royal protocol—guidelines and rules governing behavior and interaction in the presence of royalty.
  • Elevated Social Etiquette
  1. proper introductions, gestures, and conversational styles that exude grace and respect.
  • Fluency in “Royal Vocabulary”
  1. understanding and employing formal and respectful language that aligns with the expectations of royalty ,fostering effective and polished communication
  • Body Language Finesse
    1. Emphasis on non-verbal communication, teaching participants how to convey respect and deference through body language
  • Confidence in Diverse Interactions
  1. Confidence in adapting behaviour and communication style, ensuring the ability to represent themselves / their institutions with distinction.