PMO for Success


Many organizations have decided to develop and implement a project or program management office (PMO). The reason is that with many projects running in parallel and with projects becoming more and more critical to the business, a good coordination between the various projects is crucial.

A PMO can be the right body to perform that coordination and to ensure that all projects manage to achieve their intended business benefits within the agreed time and budget.

There are various types of PMOs that can be implemented and part of this program is to determine what form of PMO would be the most suitable.


This course is tailored for program managers, project managers and staff involved in projects and/or PMOs.


  • List the benefits & requirements of a Project/Program Management Office                          
  • Comprehend the characteristics of a program build-up of multiple related projects           
  • Explain how to implements and staff a Project/Program Management Office                       
  • Identify the Stakeholders of a PMO                                                                                                         
  • Describe how to set up controls to manage a Programme Management Office                    

                COURSE OUTLINE

  • Why do we need a PMO?
  • Portfolios, Programmes and Projects
  • How do we translate the strategic direction into programmes?
  • Program Management & Project Management
  • Defining success
  • Defining and implementing a PMO
  • Organizational Maturity Level
  • Roles and responsibilities of a PMO
  • Functions of a PMO
  • Implementation of PMO
  • Operating a PMO effectively