Power & politics in PM


There will be politics, both external and internal surrounding your project and it can be challenging affecting your project’s health. Successful project managers understand the importance of managing stakeholders through leadership and influence. This course will help you analyse the political context in your organization and convert your adversaries and opponents into your allies. The techniques and reminders covered in this interactive and engaging training will give you some tips how to understand and manage politics.


Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers


At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Recognize the importance of human factors in project management
  • Understand the importance and dynamics of power and politics
  • Identify sources of power and evaluate strategies to increase power
  • Identify political behaviours and analyse the political context in your organization.
  • Develop strategies to convert your adversaries and opponents into your allies
  • Manage power and politics at the project level and at the upper management level
  • Recognize the role of leader versus manager and how leadership is related to the project life cycle

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