Procurement and Contract Management


It focuses on giving participants the necessary knowledge and processes to be able to understand one’s role in project procurement and read and review contracts.

You will learn how to apply a logical, systematic and comprehensive approach to reading, managing and implementing a contract so that you are confident, you fully appreciate what is required of you, your team, and the other contracting parties, to satisfy the legal obligations laid out in the contract.


This course is tailored for Project Managers, Project Leaders, Project Controllers, Contract Manager, Construction Manager, Offshore Managers Contract Administrator, Procurement department (involved in Projects) & Sub-Contract Department (involved in Projects)


At the end of this course, participants will comprehend:

  • Their role in Procurement & Contract Management
  • Processes involved in contract
  • What has been agreed between the contracting parties
  • What the legal obligations and responsibilities are of each party
  • The allocation of risk between the contracting parties
  • What the consequences will be if either party do not comply with the contract
  • Grasp the importance of being proactive in: establishing a project plan; monitoring work and progress; and managing risk
  • Being aware, alert and taking ownership to ensure contracts are adhered to


This course includes the following:

  • Procurement Processes
  • Project Manager’s role in procurement
  • Importance of being proactive in establishing a project plan
  • Involvement in Project Plan
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Award Contracts
  • Contracts
  • Consequences: if failed to satisfy contractual obligations; exclusion clauses, indemnity clauses, limitation clauses (warranty, liquidated damages, limit of liability, etc.)
  • Risk Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Enforcement Proceedings
  • Close Procurements