Safety and Health Committee


The Safety and Health Committee in the workplace plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of employees and maintaining a safe working environment. They contribute to the well-being of employees, legal compliance, and the overall success of the organization.

This one-day training will equip committee members with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively contribute to the safety and health initiatives in their organization. The training will cover essential topics, including committee responsibilities, hazard identification, incident reporting, and communication strategies.


  • Understand the Role and Legal Requirements: Participants will gain a clear understanding of the role of Safety and Health Committees in the workplace, including their legal obligations and compliance with regulations.
  • Develop Committee Skills: Trainees will acquire the knowledge and skills required to effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities as committee members, including hazard identification, incident reporting, and safety communication.
  • Enhance Workplace Safety: The training aims to empower participants to identify and mitigate workplace hazards, thus contributing to a safer working environment for all employees.
  • Improve Incident Management: Committee members will learn incident reporting and investigation techniques, enabling them to respond to accidents and near misses effectively and conduct root cause analysis.
  • Promote a Safety Culture: The training will emphasize the importance of effective communication, training, and emergency preparedness, fostering a culture of safety in the workplace and ensuring that employees are well-prepared for emergencies.


  • Interactive sessions to engage participants in quiz and discussions
    • Example case studies to illustrate the importance of SHE Committee at workplace
    • Expert insights and guidance to provide valuable industry practices
    • Use of multimedia and visual aids to enhance learning experience


Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Understanding the Role of Safety and Health Committees

  • What is a Safety and Health Committee?
  • Legal Requirements and Regulations
  • Benefits of a Committee

Session 3: Committee Structure and Responsibilities

  • Committee Formation
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members
  • Communication and Reporting Structure

Session 4: Identifying Workplace Hazards

  • Hazard Recognition and Assessment
  • Common Workplace Hazards (e.g., physical, chemical, biological)
  • Conducting Safety Inspections

Session 5: Incident Reporting and Investigation

  • Reporting Procedures
  • Investigating Accidents and Near Misses
  • Root Cause Analysis

Session 6: Effective Communication and Training

  • Communicating Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Training for Employees
  • Promoting a Safety Culture

Session 7: Emergency Response and Preparedness

  • Developing Emergency Plans
  • Role of the Committee in Emergency Situations
  • Evacuation Drills

Session 8: Group Exercises and Case Studies

  • Interactive activities to reinforce learning
  • Real-life case studies for discussion