Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning


One of the main challenges of Senior Management is to develop and execute the strategy of the organization. Many managers are good at taking tactical measures but seem to lack the insight to think strategically. Strategic Insight is not something people are born with but that needs to be learned. Thinking strategically and acting strategically need to be part of every senior manager’s toolbox.

Scenario planning is a useful tool for organizations that need to plan for the future but are uncertain of what the future will bring. Originally used during the Cold War to cope with the paradox of needing to be prepared–but uncertain of what to prepare for–it has evolved into a highly effective approach for organizations working in dynamic environments. 

Scenario planning extends an organization’s capacity for strategy development beyond the effective range of traditional strategic planning by building on multiple versions of the future rather than a single prediction. In this way, the process results in robust strategies able to accommodate a number of potential factors that may impact the organization.

This training program provides the participants with the fundamental knowledge to apply scenario planning techniques to the strategic decisions that need to be made for the organization.


This program is targeted towards the Top Executive level and the senior management of the organization who are involved in planning and developing the strategic direction of the organization.


  • Define strategic foresight and distinguish it from other types of thinking
  • Recognize that strategic thinking and strategic planning are different but related processes
  • Use strategic thinking and planning tools effectively
  • Communicate and negotiate well to position the strategic plan for approval
  • Understand how scenario planning differs from trends analysis
  • Clarify drivers for change to help develop scenarios
  • Establish the success factors for the scenario options
  • Link scenario planning to other elements of strategy
  • Map uncertainties and choosing key ‘change axes’
  • Develop headings and storylines to share the narrative etc.
  • Use scenarios to drive innovation in service delivery, business model or funding



  • Overview of Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Essentials for Strategic Thinking
  • The Strategic Thinker’s Tools
  • Strategic Foresight and Uncertainty
  • Use of Scenarios in Planning
  • Effects of using Scenarios
  • How scenarios can transform a business
  • Methods of developing scenarios
  • Methods of presenting scenarios
  • Scenarios and Strategic Planning