The New BURSA Sustainability Reporting Requirements 2023


This one-day programme focuses on the recent developments in Sustainability or ESG reporting. New standards have been released globally and in Malaysia BURSA has issued new listing requirements recently. Some of the major changes are the requirement to measure and report the carbon footprint of the organization in line with the recommendations by the TCFD, to report on a set of prescribed material matters and to disclose if the statement has been internally audited or externally assured.

This program goes through the various changes in the ESG reporting landscape and tries to determine where changes or improvements need to be made to the current statements


This program is designed for those staff involved in the implementation and managing of ESG/Sustainability efforts of the organisation. Those departments and staff responsible in providing sustainability information to the reporting team are encouraged to participate.




Technical:      10

Leadership:      2

Strategic:         2

TOTAL PDU:    14


  • To understand the fundamentals and the different elements of ESG Reporting
  • To understand the new requirements regarding ESG Reporting
  • To identify the compliance of the current statements with the new requirements
  • To determine an improvement plan to achieve full compliance with the new requirements


  • Bursa Requirements
    • Refresher on the elements of ESG Reporting and the BURSA listing requirements
    • Summary of the new BURSA requirements
  • Material Issues
    • Common prescribed material issues required by BURSA
  • Internal and External Auditing
    • Internal Auditing
    • External Assurance
  • Carbon Footprint
    • GHG Emissions
    • TCFD Guidelines
  • Timeline
    • Timeline for new BURSA Requirements