The Project Management Experience


Experts say that Project Management is an essential skill for anyone who works in an organization. It doesn’t matter if the organization is big or small, there are always some projects going on. Of course, not everyone needs to be an expert project manager, but a clear understanding of the fundamentals of project management and experience in some of the core concepts make a big difference.

The Project Management Experience” is an interactive program for people involved in projects now or in the future. The program teaches the participants the essential skills needed to be effective on a project. This program is UNIQUE because we use a special simulation tool to let the participants experience how it is to run a project. The simulation tool creates a very life like project on the computer and the participants need to make sure the project gets done within schedule and budget.

During the program, participants, in small groups, will have to plan and execute a project by using a computer simulation. The group that stays closest to the budget and schedule will be crowned as the champion.


This course is tailored for all those who are and/or will be directly or indirectly involved in projects and who have not attended formal Project Management training. This can be Project Managers, Project Leaders and also Project Team members. It is also suitable for anyone who has been involved in any kind of projects (technical and non-technical).


In order to attend this program, participants need to have a computer with MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) and also a pdf reader.


At the end of this course, participants will take back the following:

  • Comprehend the Factors for a successful Project Implementation
  • Apply international standards and best practices in Project Management
  • Explain Project Management Life Cycle and where and how to use the 10 PMI® Knowledge areas
  • Display how to Plan Effectively
  • Apply Techniques to Execute, Monitor and Control
  • Comprehend the importance of  effectively working in teams to ensure project success
  • Realise/Feel the skills that are required to manage projects through our simulation practical activities
  • Continuous improvement through lessons learned


  • Why Projects Fail
  • Critical Success Factors of Projects
  • Project Framework – Fundamentals of a Project
  • Understand your Stakeholders
  • Project Management Life Cycle
  • How to Plan a Project; Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resources and Risk
  • What to expect in Project Execution
  • Managing the Project during Execution
  • Monitoring and Controlling a Project
  • Closing the Project and Lessons Learned
  • Use Real Life Simulation of a Project to get a better understanding of the topics learned and experience the soft skills required