Each year more and more organizations are turning to outside vendors for help with critical initiatives. When this happens, the vendor should not be allowed to work independently until the expected delivery date as that has proven to be recipe for disappointment and failure.

Vendors should be considered an extension of the project team, and must be managed as such in order to improve the probability of success. The project manager needs to be prepared to effectively manage all aspects of vendor relationships, from selecting the right vendor, to getting the expected results.

This training emphasizes on the key phases of vendor management. It also covers key considerations and traps to avoid during each phase of the process.


  •  Project managers and team members where vendors are responsible for deliverables
  •  Stakeholders and Managers that approve the vendor selection
  •  All stakeholders that provide requirements for outsourced components of a project


Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  •  Develop a vendor management plan
  •  Develop a clear and thorough Request for Proposal (RFP)
  •  Define vendor selection criteria
  •  Identify performance measurements
  •  Develop escalation procedures for ongoing management
  •  Understand different techniques to enhance vendor relationship


Pre-Planning Phase

  •  Discuss the importance of vendor management
  •  Discuss the RFP process
  •  Defining roles and responsibilities

Requirements Phase

  •  Define project scope
  •  Understand the difference between a RFP and Statement of Work (SOW)
  •  Develop a RFP and its timeline
  •  Determine how to staff the selection committee

Selection and Award Phase

  •  Assess the vendor space
  •  Determine list of vendors to receive RFP
  •  Define selection criteria
  •  Develop vendor management plan

Implementation Phase

  •  Define how vendor will fold into existing project process
  •  Measure and report on vendor performance
  •  Track and resolve vendor issues
  •  Close our project with vendor

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